Ronnie Ray

Ronnie Ray Padilla with Timestreames Productions presents:

New Vocal cd project by Ronnie Ray


Having been known as a hired-gun guitar player in the music business, Ronnie

Ray made a name for himself playing his eclectic guitar styles. Various people

have wanted him to produce a “guitar hero” cd, which has been anticipated for

some time now. From the advice of admirer’s and colleagues coaxing him to do

a vocal c.d. he has presented a mix of dynamic tunes that have brought out his

rich toned voice. Ronnie Ray put himself through college singing and playing

for audiences all around. Having been vocally trained in singing in the

beginning through many choirs including church choirs, he found himself for

the pas 30 years as a hired gun, taking on many gigs, making a name for

himself. As a guitarist, he is beckoned to sing and produce more as he takes

on more. Ronnie Ray is on his way to finishing his second all vocal cd with 9

tracks included. By popular demand his instrumental has lead to a up in

coming group of recorded vocal featuring RR’s unique vocal sound, texture,

and various styles...One the several projects unfolding by Ronnie as a solo

artist and contributing member of Streamline Trio featuring Kenneth Nash.